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Chaple Hill Properties



  1. Admiralty Way 4Bedroom Detached House +2bedrm flat +Bq . Rent  10milllion

 b)  Off Admiralty Way, 5Bedroom Semi det. House + bq Rent5.5m

  1. A block of 6nos 2bedroom office
  2. 6Bedroom detached House + 3Rms Bq +S/Pool on 1000m2 Rent 13million
  3.  4Bedroom  Semi detached House + bq Rent 2.7m
  4. Brand New  2Bedroom Service flat + A/C + Fitted kitchen . Rent 2.5million
  5. Brand New  1Bedroom Service flat + A/C + Fitted kitchen  .Rent 1.5million
  6.  First Floor 3Bedroom Flat, for  Residence or office, rent 2.5m
  7. Brand New(1st&2ndfloor) 3Bedroom flat + Bq . Rent 3million 
  8.  Mini Flat, Rent 1m.
  9. 2Bedroom mini flat . Rent 1.5million
  10. 4Bed Spacious ground flor with Exclusive Entrance, for Office . Rent 3million
  11.  Spacious 1bedroom Penthouse . Rent 1.5million

m) Block of 7nos of 3Bedroom flat + Bq, Corner Piece, Ideal for Residential, Office, Hospital, School, Guest House. Parking internally and externally for  40 Cars . rent 22million Per Annum. Corperate Tenant preffered
n) Land measuring 500m2 (b)1000m2, ideal4 church, Parking etc . Rent 3million
o) 2Nos Brand New 5Bedroom Semi Detached House + 2Rms Bq. Rent 5million each.
p) 3Bedroom Service Terrace House + S/Pool + bq . Rent 3.5million.

                          TO RENT AJAH ( PORT ESTATE) OFF BADORE ROAD: Brand New 3bedroom flat + bq. rent 1.3million  P.A

       FOR SALE

a) New Well Finished 5Bedroom Detached House + 2Rooms  BQ.  Price  120M
b) New Well Finished 3Bedroom   Terrace House + Bq. Price 85m
c) Well Finished 5Bedrm detached House +2Rm BQ+ S/Pool . Price 125m
d) 2Nos 5Bedroom Semi Detached House +2rooms Bq each . Price 100m each
e)  Behind Tantalizers, New Well Finished 5Bedroom semi-detached House +Bq Price 120m

PINNOK BEACH    Land measuring 864m2, Price 56m Asking
Osapa London : Sand filled Plot of Land Measuring 671m2 , Price 38m
IDADO  (a) New 5Bedroom detached House +Bq (gated area) .Price 58m
                 (b) New Well Finished 4nos 5Bedrm Terrace House+ bq  .Price 60m each
PORT ESTATE AJAH, off Badore Road: 4acres  of water front Land Price  270million. Title Governors Consent
Port Estate Ajah, off Badore Road: 1Plot of  Land measuring 690m2. Price 10million. Title  Governors Consent.
IKOTA VILLA ESTATE: Uncompleted 7bedroom detached house + 4bedroom house + 2bedroom flat on 1200m2 land. Price 70m. Title  Governors Consent.
IKOTA VILLA ESTATE: IKOTA VILLA ESTATE: Uncompleted 4bedroom detached house + 2bedroom flat on 500m2 land. Price 30m. Title  Governors Consent.


For lease, Lekki phase1, 7numbers of 3bedroom for Office , Residence, Guest house ,School etc

Call : +234 808 867 7766

Lekki 1, for sale, 5bedroom detached house + 2rooms bq

Call : +234 808 867 7766

For Enquiries & Inspection, Please Contact
Suite 129, First Floor, Edo House
Plot 1225, Bishop Oluwole Street Victoria Island Lagos.
08088677766, 07025633562